The Spectrum

Differences in the perception of reality between individuals is the biggest barrier to communication that exists. I’m not talking about differences in accounts of experience and information here, but in people’s personal understanding of how they experience reality. So, in an effort to establish good communication, I will start my first post ever by describing how I perceive reality.


Okay, now, for serious. Most people allow their reality to be determined strictly by their physical senses (sight, hearing, etc.). The good ol’ “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality. Classically answered by “Well you don’t see radio waves but you accept them, right?” So, clearly, there are things not perceptible to our senses but still are absolutely real and can affect physical reality.

Since the inital publication of the charged electromagnetic spectrum, humans learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and less than one millionth of reality - New Skin by Incubus

Our senses interpret a certain range of frequencies to paint part of the big picture on the canvas of our reality. Our eyes interpret reflected vibrations to help our brain paint a picture and allow us to experience color. Our eardrums conduct vibrations carried on air through tiny bones to hair-like fibers that detect mechanical motion and let us experience sound. Our bodies are just making sense of vibrations! (pun intended…)

As it turns out, radio waves are part of that same picture. I just need a radio to alter them into frequencies my senses can perceive (auditory sound). We even have technology like x-ray and radio photography that can take frequencies in other spectra and translate them into the visible spectrum.

Auditory frequencies are vibrations of a much lower level, moving up to radio waves, visible light rays, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, gamma rays, and with much between and beyond!

Looking at a more detailed view of the electromagnetic spectrum (and here is a fun one) we see that our sensory perception only covers a small portion of frequencies, even though all of them are able to affect our physical reality.

Two splashes from stones in a pond? The vibrations of two individuals in harmony, existing and going on forever in a timeless state? You decide.

Individuals resonate at their own frequencies as well. Parts of our biological systems vibrate at certain frequencies to communicate, and they work together to create the frequency of an individual. Individuals then communicate in analogous ways to create societies. The health of individuals and societies is based on their ability to effectively communicate. Ultimately, the substance of our existence is the same as that of everything else.

When we skip stones over ponds the splashes make different waves and interference patterns. Our ‘average’ experience is the physical manifestation of the interference pattern of our individual frequencies combined. We live constantly interpreting our surrounding frequencies and resonating back, whether we are consciously aware of this or not.

Behind the scenes of what our minds and senses create, the things we experience have other forms of existence too. While our experience of ultraviolet light is maybe a sunburn at most, certain birds can ‘see’ it and experience another form of its existence. So, there very well may be other forms of life out there whose ‘average’ experience of reality involves x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays, etc.

Even our brain waves are frequencies with other forms of existence. They are more splashes in the pond, and one of our most accessible ways to influence forms of existence in other dimensions. As we experience our surroundings thoughts start to form on a much higher level of existence. Eventually, they play out in our physical reality maybe by feeling an strong emotion, or pulling our hand back as we touch a hot stove. There is a cycling of this energy from higher dimensions and forms of existence down to where we can physically experience it and then back up.

A proper understanding of this can help us raise our level of consciousness and exercise more control over our perception of reality. We can then take into account more of the spectrum that our senses don’t directly allow us to experience. It’s all about keeping an open mind and a willingness to change your ways of thinking to improve yours and others’ experiences of reality. Then, we all can take one step closer to living happily ever after ;-)

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