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Butters creating with his imagination!

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So, here we are constantly skiddly beep bopping our stones across the pool of reality. Our power, aim, and the stone itself create impressions and patterns that affect the outcome.

We have to be conscious of this! We need to understand and learn how differences in our actions and attitudes will adjust the perception of the big picture to ourselves and others. We must know how our intent, thoughts, emotions, uses of physical artifacts and personal interaction will magnify or reduce these energetic qualities in the existence of our creation.

Once we understand this and start to learn, it also becomes easier to control and create our desired reality. It’s kind of like The Secret, but you can’t just want something and keep focusing on it to attain it rightfully. It’s the understanding and ensuing belief of how reality is created that allow us to exercise greater control over the process, and experience the situation we desire.

The more positive thought, intent, and love we put into our creations and relationships with each other the more they will spread to make other things happy. That’s a no brainer! How many artists out there have created works able to spread a huge grin across our faces no matter what mood we are in :-D

Whether an artifact, a non-tangible creation like a song, or just great times together (excellent dance party anyone?), when we create there is an energy exchange underlying the experience that we identify with. Even with a sensual experience, the energies behind that, its other forms of existence, are what help us recognize and form our current perception and mood.

So we should have great respect for our creations!!! Learning the energies behind them and how we can re-create them will shift reality into great directions! I’m not saying abracadabra world’s problems solved, just that once we understand how we are creating and make adjustments, things will start improving.

So next time you are creating, put positive thoughts, emotions, and intent into your creations – at the very least in honor of something that makes YOU happy. You have the biggest role in creating the reality before you, so aim carefully, and throw the most positive vibed stone into the pool of reality to create something beautiful :)

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  1. Brad says:

    Brain! I think this is one of your best posts to date! I am recently getting into the power of positive thinking and think you are framing it right that these things are not concrete or absolute but more of an approach to life. I have seen the movie The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? and am starting to read The Secret as well. As you know I’m a skeptic for most things but the idea of metaphysics and the law of attraction is very intriguing to me. If I can offer some constructive criticism, try to limit the silliness like”skiddly beep bopping along”. For someone like me who knows your personality it’s funny and I continue reading. For those who do not know the author, they may ‘close their mind’ for lack of a better phrase and discredit some good material! Not that it’s a big deal, but if your trying to get people to view things in a new light, it might be better to have a tad more seriousness. It’s tough to convey my thoughts through text so we shall discuss at a later date! Hopefully I’m not coming off as a douche.

    • BVB says:

      Brad, thanks for reading this! I wish I had talked to you about it this past weekend, but we shall soon. There is nothing to lose from experimenting with these things and it’s fun to analyze the results.

      I like a light tone but I will tone down on the silliness. I can get it done with a nicely placed smiley face rather than throwing in some random scats. Definitely a little too weird haha. Definitely not coming off as a douche though, I appreciate all the feedback!