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I tell a lot of people I love them, but what do I mean? What is love? I’ve heard hundreds of explanations ranging from a feeling that two people share to the highest form of energy. What do we mean when we say we love somebody?

When I tell someone I love them, it always means the same thing. I don’t think it would be fair or make much sense otherwise. I mean that I truly cherish my time with them and I wish them the most happy and peaceful life experiences possible. To me it is unconditional because as a race we are all moving towards truly wishing the best and creating the best possible reality together.

But what does someone assume I mean when I say I love them? It could mean one of potentially hundreds of things since everyone is going to associate their personal experiences with the word. It could be familial, it could mean you are a dear friend, and to some people it means they are ready to marry and have children with another. Love portrayed through most of the garbage means we entertain ourselves with today is pathetic. Classically portrayed, there is something lofty and more magical. Something lost the more we try to explain it in language of personal experiences. So what is it? What is that something special?

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Well, sometimes two people just come together. Their vibrational frequencies, harmonious. They resonate, creating an almost altered state of consciousness. Like a mutual high, they are in that zone where they can’t go wrong; where nothing wrong can come. They create so well, making beautiful times and experiences for themselves and others through their vibrations, attitudes and actions. There is a transcendence of moments and memories into a state of consciousness bringing them closer to the source of creation.

Even providing this description can not do justice to that ‘something special’. But, you can get the point; it has nothing to do with current institutions or social norms and has no contemporary ties. It is not to be sought after, but welcomed into your life when the opportunity arises. It is recognized when we start to realize and embrace the things that are similar between us.

Ohhhhhhhh but that’s so high and lofty! Many believe it is unattainable. And to an extent it’s true; couples and society can’t all live in a permanent state like this because we have karma and social dharma. But I’m not trying to say that we can hold onto it eternally. I’m just saying that there is something special that exists, and whenever it’s possible to experience, GO FOR IT :-)

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  1. Amany says:

    is it a feeling? can it be mseeurad? is it instinctual? do we learn it ?is it a behavior? can it be proved to exist? if two people think different about its definition but still affirm to feel it what makes one right over the other? is it mere altruism? is it only unconscious selfnishness?

    • BVB says:

      I would say while it is not necessarily a feeling, what I am talking about refers to humans experiencing it through feelings. I don’t think we have the tools to measure or prove it exists, but I do think it is instinctual, although we have to learn to re-assimilate into it to experience it. While it is not a behavior it can result in certain behaviors, including altruism. It is not unconscious selfishness in my opinion. If two people were in love I would say it doesn’t matter who is right over the other about their definitions. If you want I can go into more detail but it could be another 1000 words haha.

  2. Robin says:

    Love cannot be explained by rational thought. Love arises when the mind stills and a connection with all that is shines through. I agree that people can reflect back certain vibrational frequencies better with some than with others, but real love is not selective and arises from within.

    • BVB says:

      I totally agree that a true love vibration couldn’t be explained by rational thought! I tried to hint at that by saying that giving it a description already does it injustice. I just wanted to capture the essence of the human experience of it that can be shared when one finds similar positive frequencies in another :)

  3. Richie says:

    well, included in all that information ive came up to know that what love actually means peace cand care to everyone evolving aroud us, and we should take that as we are a great person but fail to act like, but what humans being are like is making mistakes not perfect, this is other thing that involves the point about love, but Realistically or Ideally, we should know that, if we dont love ourselves we cant love other people which also includes in our belief system.