The classic about section! Well, this site is meant to be another redundant chance on the internet for people to have access to this information, with my twist!

This was really inspired by friends, family and total strangers I’ve met and discussed these topics with. A lot of really interesting conversations have come from them, and I don’t always remember all of the information, have a complete grasp of it, or have enough time to get into many of the details.

Disco Biscuits Sexy Lasers

Now, this site is a backup that I can refer people to. They (you) can browse at their leisure and find whatever it is that piques their interest and continue on their own.

I’ll also add my own thoughts as often as I can to try to spice it up. Sure, having a bunch of links is okay, but I’ve got to follow in the footsteps of their information-giving ways and try to put something out there for people. Maybe some thoughts, maybe some tunes, maybe some videos of sexy lasers if we have time ;)

You may have come to this site and said “Wait, why are the stars moving? Am I in outer space?” Yes, in fact you are. In outer space you are relieved of the distractions and stress that inhabit your every day lives. So relax, and keep an open mind.

If you’re interested in a sneakier peak ‘about’ this website then just read the post It’s time for a change. Okay, so it’s not really any sneakier, just a more philosophical perspective.