Above Top Secret

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Probably the most active forum I’ve ever visited on the net. Dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas on alternative topics, this forum has MORE than:

  • 200,000 users
  • 10,000,000 posts
  • 600,000 topics
  • 150 forums

Content overload?

Most of the posts I’ve read have clearly had a lot of thought put into them and intelligent minds behind them. They provide plenty of links and references, and can keep you interested for hours. The standards that many the users of this site set for themselves are higher than any other site on the internet of comparable size.

Their motto is clear and even in the background of their site: ‘deny ignorance.’

So, follow their advice, continue to explore different avenues of thought, follow the trails that are left, and continue to ask important questions. The users of this site are generously provide you with the opportunity :-)

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