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I’ve been doing it ever since I left high school. I paid thousands of dollars to educate myself at college, and I did it on the side for free too :) Educating yourself doesn’t have to always involve reading and studying though! Some of my favorite ways are finding new hobbies, and meeting new people and listening to their ideas.

As far as the site goes, it proudly presents to you the opportunity to educate yourself for thousands of hours. I’ve spent days on this site and still am not sure if I’ve read it all.

I’d consider it similar to a blog with articles and content organized by categories such as natural medicine, alternative healing, free energy, earth changes, and the growing reality of Big Brother. I navigate through it similar to Halexandria by reading the articles and jumping to other links when I find something that has caught my interest.

I feel like the point they are trying to get across is one that I agree with: that survival itself in the near future may depend on self-acquired skills. Either way, I love the premise of this site because it is quite similar with what I am trying to do with this site. Props to them for providing TONS of their own content!

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