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It literally baffles me how much information may be contained within this website! It’s about free energy – how we can achieve it, its role in society, and devices you can create to harness it – and the content has been organized into an e-book format for our convenience. Take a minute just to scroll down it and you will probably be blown away too.

The e-book is available in HTML and PDF format so you can download it and print it out if you prefer to read that way. As of April 2011 it was a whopping 32MB PDF document. It’s updated one per week on average and last time i visited it was updated within the past 3 weeks.

The e-book isn’t even half of what’s available though! There are links to videos, patents, scientific papers, other e-books, and other websites just like it. Some of this stuff is highly technical and difficult to understand, but if you are serious about your independence then you’ll probably spend hours researching these things.

At the bottom of the site it says ‘Good luck with your research.’ Thank you Patrick J Kelly, I will try my best. Your free e-book just took about fifteen minutes to download on a high speed cable connection.

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