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This has got to be one of my favorite things to share with people who are interested. Free course materials from one of the most prestigious, expensive schools in the world with an excellent education. No registration required. Boom.

This is the dream and paradigm of what we should offer everyone for free. In an ideal society everyone would be given the chance to learn anything they wanted in hopes to contribute with it someday. This is the biggest step I have ever seen towards that. This is the kind of the thing that the internet was created for.

Most of the courses offer very few materials, down to only the syllabus. Plenty have notes, audio and video lectures. You can watch and learn physics from MIT for free because of this website for free. If you are interested in teaching yourself ANYTHING I’d suggest checking for it on here first. It’s the best deal on science, on Earth.

So, if you’ve ever seen Good Will Hunting and wanted to pull off the genius janitor move, I suggest you start downloading your MIT course materials here. For this site, I say bravo Internet; bravo MIT!!!

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