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Home Power Magazine provides technical coverage of solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, energy-efficient building materials and home design, and clean transportation options. With articles organized by categories, and the ability to search, it’s pretty easy to find something that will catch your interest if you’re into this kind of stuff.

Although I do not have a subscription to Home Power Magazine (or own a home for that matter haha), from the quality of the content available on the website I assume it’s worth the cost. The good part about the website: there is a lot of free information that requires no subscription. The current issue is always featured with several free articles and the rest reserved for members only. All of the issues are available through the archives and categories, though, and there are tons of great free articles in there.

At this point I’ve learned what’s involved with energy setups for solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy without having to pay a cent. They include information about general energy efficiency for home owners and do it yourself articles so you can put it all together. At least I’ve been introduced to a lot of cool new ideas to experiment with when I do own a house ;)

If you’re interested in getting off the energy grid, saving tons of money, and even making a little you should check this site out.

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