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ORMUS is a term used to refer to a group of transition metals while they are in a special high-spin state. They can be ingested as minerals or used in fertilizer for plants, and this site is a collection of individuals’ research with instruction on how to make it for yourself.

Sometimes personal research isn’t enough to win someone over, but there were so many amazing things here I became interested. There are accounts of people with grey hair changing back to its original color, regeneration of teeth, increased psychic abilities, repairing cancerous cells’ DNA and oranges growing to the size of cantaloupes. See the picture book for some amazing photo evidence!

I got so interested I decided to experiment myself. Certain experiences still pop into my head and spark interest after a few years of non-use. I was having an uncommon number of moments feeling ‘deja vu’; times where something would click in my head and I felt like I had already experienced the current situation. It got to the point where during these I was able to anticipate entire thoughts that people were having.

Personal applications aside, I also used it on plants; much more objective ;) I’ve noticed 100% increases in the size and yield of plants which I took care of with ORMUS treated water.

The site contains many scientific experiments and research into its properties. Some show that the metals in this state are superconductors at room temperature, once considered impossible. They also present cases where it is available from many sources, including minute quantities in the air we breathe, and higher concentrations in certain salts.

Some of the most interesting research is into the lore as well as possible history of ORMUS. Accounts of the philosopher’s stone, the elixir of life, the fountain of youth, as well as substances in ancient texts and biblical references describe something that with eerily close coincidences to ORMUS.

Researching and experimenting with ORMUS was my first real foray into alchemy, without even really knowing it :) My experiences with it were some of the most pronounced that I have ever had, and I can’t wait to get back into it.

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