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Yet another site that is by the author of a book that I really enjoyed, Mary Croft. She wrote “HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN … a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are.” It’s about 100 pages in pdf form on the site, so download it :-D

Do not be put off by the lack of production value gone into the book, it’s of the best I’ve ever read! Mary reveals how her personal experiences with economics, the law, and spirituality helped her gain the knowledge and power she needed to live her life free of the stresses that these things bring upon people every day. Its concepts are very similar to the things talked about in Freeman on the Land

Most of the ‘laws’ regulating how we operate in the economy aren’t laws created by our original government or the constitution. They are codes or statutes that exist based on a contract between us and the UNITED STATES. Mary’s book helps explain this, and with some outside study you can learn how to operate in commerce freely. Technically, you can have whatever you want! People who have done similar things rarely share the information in such an open manner, so this is really a gem!

The site features her regularly updated blog containing great advice on the economy and related legal proceedings. Every once in a while her posts contain heavy religious (mostly Christian) subjects, but her ideas I’ve read are pretty original and whether or not I agree are usually very interesting.

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  1. AntiEverything says:

    I have been reading the ‘Spiritual Economics’ website for e=several years now but have been out of communication for some time. I am unable to fine that site yet I see a snapshot of it on this site yet cannot get to it. Can you help me please? I do enjoy the reading and surely like the attitude of the writer. thanks you for your help.


  2. Will says:

    Please keep us posted about Mary Croft.. Thanks

    • Morningstar says:

      Please let me know why she removed her blog and if it will go up again. I am re-reading her e-book and it is so fantastic. My problem is that we have nobody to go to in order to find out what kind of paperwork we need to go about freeing ourselves. What are the steps…I see how much fear I have in me just to begin the process, but I want to do it. Hope to hear from someone about this. Thanks.


      • BVB says:

        I’m not sure why she removed her blog, but there was a period when she was asking for donations to set some things in motion. Apparently the people who were going to start this didn’t have enough people donating (not enough donated). Perhaps taking her blog down was part of the fact that this attempt to make major changes happen didn’t have support from enough people. I posted her e-mail up above though so you can try to get a hold of her yourself and ask if you would like :)

  3. Warner Exelby says:

    Hello Mary
    I have read your book, have it on my “favorites” list and have recommended it to several people. I wish I had your intestinal fortitude years ago. There is so much stuff on line re . finances and law that even if it should be true no one will touch it because “that can’t possibly be true”. Even things about foreclosures we know to be true it is impossible to hire legal rep. for court . I would like to know about the new book you may have written in 2015. We are all tired of being one of the sheep in the flock. From Washington state, thank you for the ray of hope. Warner

    • BVB says:

      Hey there! I saw your comment here, and wanted to let you know that Mary may read this but it’s not her website so she’s not getting this message unless she stumbles upon it. But, if you are looking for more information regarding this I’d suggest going to the website truthntrust.org. Hope that helps :)