Social & Legal

Without diving into the world of

government corruption

, the



alien conspiracy theories


the new world order

I would have never exposed myself to the wealth of information I have available to me today.

Looking into the landscape of the people and decisions that directly determine how I can live unfortunately was one of the most depressing learning experiences of my life. However, without first realizing and being exposed to these things I would have never kept enough of an open mind to seek the knowledge I now have ;)

So, while my focus has moved away from many of these factors, I have to respect them for what they are and how they have helped me. Hopefully they can do the same for you!
Being a Freeman of the Land is about taking full responsibility for yourself and your actions. In return, you are truly a free man. Free from debt, free from many of the codes and statutes affecting US citizens, and free to pursue happiness. Don't expect any assistance, because you are in fact disputing the very base for its existence. But, it could ultimately be the most rewarding thing you've ever done. After hours upon hours of research I feel I've only scratched the surface of understanding.
I found out about this site by reading Mary Croft's book. Most of these topics in it are related to the concepts in Freeman of the Land, and it helped me put together some pieces of the puzzle. Her blog on economics is based on her experience and research as well as spiritual views. Her posts are pretty even between legal/economical and spiritual/religious subjects. There are some very important facts here that should be brought to the attention of every US citizen, and she has some remarkable stories about how she has dealt with these issues.
A mathematically perfect economy? Sounds too stupid not to consider! Unfortunately we know it isn't as easy as that, but this site proposes a lot of ideas that would bring us closer to such a thing. The main content of the site doesn't seem to be keeping with the current financial and economic crises, but the forums and blog are still active.
Perhaps the most engrossing site I've ever been to. I've spent more time reading this site and things linked on it than any other. This site completely reformed my view of our government / social organization. Opening me up to questions like 'What the difference between the United States and the UNITED STATES', this site exposed a lot of obscure information that helped me bridge a gap between my understanding and why half of the absurd things happening these days actually make sense. Another one of my top suggestions!
Would you believe me if I told you that you were not legally required to pay for traffic tickets? A friend of mine shares some knowledge from his experience with the court system and law regarding you and your motor vehicle on this YouTube channel. He has several short screen casts explaining details that may spark your interest for more.
Rochester L(earn) A(nd) W(in). If you have visited the Traffic Ticket Winner channel and were interested in those videos, this may be your next step to really learning the law. A group located in Rochester, NY dedicated to studying the the truth of the law and putting their research into action. Most of its use is intended for its members, but if you're local and are interested then look into it :)
Chances are you have already heard of Alex Jones' InfoWars, or at least of Alex Jones. The site is filled with articles on stories of conspiracy and other controversial news. With a variety of authors, the articles on this site explore different views and interview sources that the mainstream media won't acknowledge. It's one of the most popular sources for alternative views available.