Science is the most fun thing for me to read about! Experimenting with things, an OBSESSION ;) New energy technologies and advancements in health have the potential to revolutionize the way we live.

Things like

solar power


renewable energy

and other

energy alternatives

are becoming more readily available to us. Products boasting higher

energy efficiency

and even

free energy

are coming out into the market for us to see, and it’s very exciting!

It’s clear from the current social and political situations that certain forces are willing to implement extreme measures to keep some of this information away from us. The links here are some of the coolest things I’ve read about on the internet, so read up and don’t forget to share share share!
An up-to-date free energy news wiki. The content is completely user submitted and regulated, and there are a lot of contributors so the diversity of knowledge available under one subject is GREAT. If the prospect of free energy excites you, then this is the place to check out to keep up to date on the latest technologies being developed around the world.
Pyradyne is a business focusing on new age technologies created by Dr. Fred Bell. The website provides quite a bit of information on his technologies, but acts mainly as a store front for his inventions. The science behind the technologies, which also happen to be a bulk of the content in his books, are what make this extraordinary! I mean, this is why I wear pyramids on my head ;)
Orgonite is a quick favorite of people that get introduced to it :-D Fiberglass resin, metal shavings, and crystals combine to create it. These little crafts, that most people would compare to a paper weight, are actually working to manipulate the energies around you into a form that is more beneficial to organic life. Mitigating effects of certain radiation, as well as creating unexplainable phenomenon in some people's lives - people have remarkable accounts of orgonite! I've made a bunch with friends and given it away to people that now swear by it :-)
This site has information on energy-related products attempting to create a better world situation. I included it because it seems to be the home of one of my favorite technologies I've stumbled upon: The Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC). While still filled with great info, it unfortunately looks like it's mainly for selling products and setting up affiliates.
The website for Home Power Magazine, this site provides good advice on how to work towards making your home energy efficient or independent. Many of the articles are available for free and the information is priceless. If you are into free energy and 'doing it yourself' then check it out.
An old school site of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. But sweet sassy molassy it's got the most information I've ever found on free energy devices in one place! An entire e-book, patents, videos, research papers and MUCH MUCH more available in ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH!!!! AHHHHHHHH!