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    Tons of information waits to be found in a library of links sorted by topics.

    Some believe that certain crystals can help us access information in the Akashic Records. Others say The Ancients are rumored to have stored secrets on the history of humanity in the crystal skulls.

    A single truth can shine as brightly as a beautiful gem!

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Open Your Mind

Mind Power

So, what exactly does it mean – to open your mind, or be open minded…?

It’s simple; not something to be defined exactly. I like to think it more as an outlook on life.

Throughout the years we experience and are presented with more information than we are able to recall in our current state of being. To me, being open minded means approaching these situations and gems of information while trying our best to leave aside biases and judgments.

Metatron's Cube

The content here is aimed at helping us exercise open minds by providing access to information from a range of different disciplines. It is not presented for the purpose of making someone believe whatever it says. Rather, it is supposed to increase our thinking and get us to ask ourselves new questions that we may have never considered. This can truly help us change our way of thinking, and help us stay open minded.

In the spirit of keeping an open mind, I’m hoping that all of you who take an interest in this site feel free to contribute something that you have enjoyed. This way we all can be exposed to a broader range of ideas.

Open for Discussion

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  • Atoms for PeaceAtoms for Peace featuring has released their debut album today! I'm part of an experiment where anyone linking to their site will be featured in the background visualization. Check it out!