The internet is a great source of information, but as we all know there are a lot of cool things to be found out there too. My day job is a web developer so I am introduced to a diversity of new things. Every once in a while something I really like comes along, so I’ll share those too!

This one creates a parallax view of several images in a viewport. This was what gave me the idea for the background of the header (it is not the same though; the header is only three background images moving at different paces). So, have some fun with it, and if you have any cool ideas then I’d love to hear them maybe I can set them up.

Click here if this runs slow or choppy for you.

You can also go to the parallax demo page that I took this from to see some other ways it can be used. This one is my favorite – click the buttons to watch them disappear. Just click ‘next’ to see more examples. Enjoy!

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