A Scream from a Dream

So, I’m going to do something that I never intended to do here, which is get personal. I’ve had a lot of vivid and powerful dreams lately, and many of my friends have told me the same. I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for years and try to keep a dream journal, so, I am breaking my rules for purposes of record keeping and to share since others have expressed similar experiences recently. Screw the rules! ;)

So, as my dream began I was at a school / courtyard type place with a lot of people, and some friends. It was like we were there for some kind of orientation, but the atmosphere was light-hearted and we were free to do what we wanted.

Eventually the ‘leaders’ of this orientation introduced themselves to us. They knew why we were there – which I didn’t know yet – and started explaining things to us. We were there to learn great knowledge. Knowledge beyond what you can get from reading, learning and studying.

Dream Castle

As they explained these things to us I came to understand that we were at some kind of castle in a paradise. Once they finished explaining why we were there we started a tour. As we walked around the ground floor it was filled with columns, gold, marble – one of the most beautiful indoor places you could imagine to be.

On our way we had intense conversations about why we were there; how we must make strides to pursue good and new thoughts, ideals, ways of life, and consciousness. But, as we approached the final, and most grand areas and started to ascend, it got more dark and sinister.

I went to the bathroom / locker room area and started to notice shady characters I hadn’t seen in the orientation group. It sketched me out so I went back and started to tell my friends, who had become less loquacious and were more just ‘going with the flow’ of the tour.

At this point I started to think this was all some kind of hoax. My perception of the guides was that they were herding just us like animals through this tour. I started yelling “They’re herding us! Like Animals!” I wasn’t getting the response I had expected considering the topics of conversation we had leading up to this point.

As we descended this huge spiral staircase I was trying to explain to my friend the strangeness I was feeling, then I looked down and started seeing sheep amongst the people. I’m not sure if people were turning into sheep, or if they were just a normal part of our ‘herd’. I started yelling “We’re like sheep to them! Look at the sheep! This is incredibly symbolic!” Side note – the fact that I was pointing out the symbolism in my dream as I was dreaming makes me laugh :)

So, we went into this final big room to ask any questions we had about ANYTHING to these ‘greats’. They offered us magnificent knowledge if we were willing to take their advice and follow their ways. We walked around for a while then I grabbed my friend to leave. As we neared the door a beautiful woman was there to assist us, and as we got closer he decided to go towards her with some questions, and then the door closed on its own.

Dream Catcher

I was getting very anxious at this point and started yelling “Open it, let me out!” I got strange stares from most everyone and then I realized I had the power to open the door myself, so I did, and I ran out and started yelling at everyone. I was trying to snap them out of it. I ran around this place screaming until I yelled “EVERYONE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!”

And I woke up, yelling “WAKE UP”. I had never woken up to myself screaming before, and that compounded with the irony of it being to the words ‘wake up’ is quite substantial to me. I never thought a dream that started out so positive could end with me waking up to myself screaming.

The dream as a whole for me was like a model of many of our current social institutions. During our beginning years in school it is innocent and free but eventually becomes more rigid, strict, and punishing. Politics on the town level are more nurturing than national politics which I would say are absolutely ruthless at this point. The ascension of people through the ranks of secret societies like the Free Masons also seems to get more dark and corrupted.

These start out with good intentions but once power and rank become involved it corrupts. This isn’t flaw by design necessarily, but I’d say more flaw of the individual. The higher you go up the more moral character it requires, but that doesn’t often prove true these days. If we are the energy sustaining these institutions and the people holding power in them, then we need to focus our energy elsewhere.

Dreams. Sometimes they can send you spinning! ;) What about you guys? Any thoughts to share or crazy dreams of your own lately?

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  1. sean says:

    Sup buddy! so I am back wandering around and found another duplicate you said school twice here in the scream from a dream section. I love the lucidity in your recollection and the words wake up do seem eerily applicable to the times we are living in. I have definitely been having more lucid dreams and waking up and thinking about them throughout the day, and coinsistently they have both good and alarming qualtities. I definitely see myself being a regular on here hope I dont get annoying! haha and if your here thursday to sunday lets definitely meet up either friday or saturday!