Reflecting on creation – semantically!

Well, I was deep into a train of thought on how we should enjoy and respect our creations. I started to write, and wanted to share, until I realized how hard it was to explain without sufficiently defining what I believe a creation to be! So, here is a little of my brain background noise for you ;)

The most obvious creation to me is some kind of artifact; a tangible physical object that is made by a person. But they don’t have to be made by people. Nature has many of the most BEAUTIFUL creations! They don’t even have to be physical objects, though; I would consider a song a creation.

Something like this ;)
Painting - By Alex Grey

Each of these also have energetic vibrations that accompany them, such as intent. First working example that comes to mind – making peanut butter sandwiches. You make one for your friend who loooooooves them, and one for a bully who has a peanut allergy. Even if they are physically identical, they are quite different creations as one has a loving intent and one has the intent to harm.

Now, we can have sensual experiences like with the sandwich, as well as extra-sensory experiences through understanding of the intent, or underlying vibrations or resonance. The latter are kind of like an energy imprint influencing our experience of the physical creation. These ‘imprints’ can exist as a creation in themselves too, such as in the form of ideas or personal experiences.

Maybe I’ve lost a few of you? I must be craaaaaaaaaaazzzzyy to think that all of these things are creations. That means doing almost anything is creating!? YESSS! Experiencing and processing input facilitates your reaction, which is creating reality :-D

It’s happening every second! Everything from physical artifacts we produce to fleeting thoughts are like throwing stones of various shapes and sizes into a lake. Each creates a splash that ripples into splashes around it, creating an interference pattern. Energies moving through these patterns affect our personal experiences. I would consider all of these things to be ‘parts’ of the same creation; perhaps in different dimensions, but part of the same existence.

So we are constantly creating! Our thoughts and intentions focus energies that affect our perception of reality. Taking that into consideration, remember to focus good energies and intent into any situation you can, because my whole reason for explaining this is that more importantly, like Butters in Imaginationland, we are creators ;)

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