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Politics! Society! My two least favorite things to talk about. They are so surrounded by negative energy that I’d just rather focus on better things. But now we have hullabaloo mumbo jumbo with occupy movements, political unrest, and the erosion of basic freedoms that were an integral part of the United States of America – and set the bar for human rights around the world. So, I figured it’s a good time to talk about it because I can probably get it all out in one shot and never have to mention it again!

I’ll have to go through quite a bit of history to explain my understanding of the current political and social situation, so I suggest you read the links for further context. The best spot for me to start is when the Federal Reserve Act (1913) established the Federal Reserve Bank, a private central bank. We did this because of continuing hard financial times that eventually bankrupt the country in 1933. The private banks of the Federal Reserve demanded their money, so the property and assets of every US citizen were put up as collateral on that national debt. Our birth certificate is proof of this debt. We are considered valued, traded commodities.

These documents create a ‘strawman’; a legal document/entity through which we are able to operate in commerce. This puts us under contract with the Federal Reserve. The regulations, codes, rules and statutes of this contract are different from the common and constitutional law guaranteed when our country was founded.1 The next time you wonder why so many crazy unconstitutional laws are able to be passed and why many of our constitutional rights are being ignored remember: You are under contract, and to continue receiving the benefits (using Federal Reserve Notes, being protected by commercial codes) you must obey the rules or face the consequences. You may not know it and it is purposely very convoluted so you do not figure it out, but in court you are being tried under the rules of this contract, and not the original laws of the United States of America. And we are ‘unknowingly volunteering’ to do this.

We ignorantly support a system that treats us as if we are slaves and property. We operate on a money system that is backed by nothing but faith in one of the most corrupt organizations of current times. We are caught in an endless cycle because in order to pay back the debt we use as currency we have to borrow it from the organization we are indebted to. They want us to keep spending because it creates more debt for us and potential wealth for them. Every year the entire federal income tax is absorbed by interest on the national debt.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is hope, there always is! We have remedy and recourse. You were put under contract when you were born without your consent, and you can reserve your right not to be tried under contracts you did not enter knowingly. The contract law also recognizes the common law, and if you have reserved your rights you can insist that the statute be construed in harmony with the common law. Simply put, you don’t have to obey the contract because you didn’t explicitly agree to it, so you can insist that you be tried under the original constitutional law.

You can be a Freeman of the Land. Remedy and recourse can be applied to absolve you of all debts and responsibilities to the system that has enslaved you. Mary Croft has a blog and book where she writes on this from a spiritual perspective. It’s too in depth to go into here, but read these resources or ask me for more to find out how and why it’s possible. It’s true freedom, and sounds great, but with true freedom comes true responsibility. Be prepared to lose the benefits of the current system. You will be harassed and possibly jailed by the corrupt individuals or ignorant people who don’t understand.

So what do we do?! Ignore it and go on with our lives as slaves? Pursue remedy and recourse and deal with the difficulties? Get into the system and try to change it for the better?

These should preempt any question that we have about our current social or political difficulties!

These are the root causes of the ancillary problems we fight about today. Most reforms, protests, letters to your senator, votes, and occupy movements are fighting for better treatment as slaves. Without addressing the real problems, we are not making any real progress.

These ideas are enough to send the head spinning of most anyone that’s hearing them for the first time. I couldn’t believe it or fully comprehend it until I had done days of research and started talking to individuals who were successfully operating in the system like this.2 Now the questions above are of serious consequence. What does it mean to be a part of what’s going on, and how do I want to live my life?

First of all, I think it is VERY important to expose these facets. One of the most important things about being a human is the opportunity to flourish, express, create and do beautiful things. Squandering those opportunities is shameful, but suppressing and taking them from others is one of the most evil things you can do; people need to be aware of this. To me it is so terrible that I will not get involved to the point where I might create, endorse, or participate in it.

I chose not to pursue remedy and recourse because I did not want to focus all of my time and energy in this direction. In my opinion, stopping something from happening is a lot harder than trying to create something. There’s a greater influence in trying to create good times and things with people than by taking my time to try to focus on and stop this negative entity. If I did that my entire attitude, mood and outlook would change. I want my attitude to be a positive influence on me and those around me. The hours I would have to spend every week to exercise and maintain my freedom is better spent creating good times for myself and others.

I know what the problem is, and it is not my responsibility to stop it or solve it but it is my responsibility to do what I know is the right thing. Politics can’t make morality return, actually they are the last resort when there is no way out. We all need to realize what we are doing to create the situation we want to live in. You are always part of the equation and can’t just choose not to participate. But the choice of how to play is yours.

You are a free soul of the universe!

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  1. BVB says:

    1 For a more in depth look at the history visit the USA vs US website, and for specific references to things I just mentioned read the subjects and justice sections.

  2. BVB says:

    I can not stress how important these things are going to be over the next couple of years. Remember, you are a free, living, flesh and blood human with a soul. YOU are not the entity that binds you to a system of slavery and represents you in the game of commerce! However you choose to live in current times do not lose site of this, because these attitudes are what are going to help us and society evolve in a better direction for all.