I Don’t Believe in the System

When people ask me why I do not vote, or harass me for not voting, or tell me I should have a more active role in politics, this is what I should tell them. It’s true. I just don’t believe in it. If I don’t believe in Catholicism, then why would I go to Catholic church? I don’t believe that the method we have of governing our lives works, so why would I go to the voting booth and take part in it?

I just prescribe to a different way of doing things. Sure, you can say that it has practical results, and sure we can all experience them. But there are so many corrupt, under-handed things going on behind the scenes that at this point it’s more effective at stopping things than getting things done. And I believe in action. If I need water / energy / food then I will have to take care of it myself if I can not get help. If what I do to provide for myself is illegal according to the rules of the system that I don’t believe in, why would I care? Why would I require my food to be kosher if I was not Jewish?

I did NOT vote

Sure, the system can come and forcefully stop me, throw me in prison, seize things that I have truly earned, and ruin my life. Even if I have not done any harm, this is possible, because these are the powers that the people of the system invest in it. How is this any different from the religious crusades? Just coming and ruining the lives of people that haven’t done anything wrong, just because they haven’t followed your guidelines for life.

Sure, the system is there, I see it, I can feel its effects, but I don’t prescribe to that set of beliefs. Just because I was born somewhere doesn’t mean I have to follow their rules; if I choose not to be part of their system. I was unwillingly put under contract the day I was born (see this), and the system has means of remedy and recourse that are ignored, fought, and overruled by corrupt, evil ways. Another showing of hypocrisy, and another reason I refuse to believe in it.

I live by the rules of the universe. Governments, social structures, religions… they’re all just sets of beliefs that people apply to different aspects of their life based on their perspective. I don’t prescribe to the same perspective that most do. What I choose to believe and do and what others choose may be on the same level as Catholicism vs. Islam vs. the French gov’t and on and on. They all derive their powers from the people that support them. Each of them are different sets of belief that has no right to influence or rule over the other. Moral and right action and intent will prevail because that is a rule of the universe. It is what allows different systems to exist harmoniously.

While this rant sprung from political thoughts, it dawned on me that it applies to other social systems as well as religion and other systems of control. People like to have their multiple systems of belief, which isn’t necessarily bad. But people begin to pick and choose from all these different belief systems for their convenience. They will do something wrong according to the tenets of their religion, because it is socially and politically acceptable. People will lie to themselves and make compromises with their own systems of belief and become muddle-headed. Until we have a system that understands and strives above all to provide for the common needs for a person to be able to flourish, none of these other systems we create in place will be able to be developed fully and correctly.

But, the same people I brought up at the start will for sure ask me, “Well, then what DO you believe in?”. And, of course they will want a practical answer – because if I say truth, compassion, and tolerance and conforming to the basic principles of the universe, they will not be too happy about that ;-). So, something I hope most can accept, is that I DO believe in individuals. I believe in people who will not exploit others for personal gain. I believe in people who are open to ways of improving themselves, want to learn more, and create and ameliorate the living situation they share with those around them. I believe in surrounding myself with these kinds of people. And you know what, I don’t have conflicting beliefs, I’m pretty clear headed, and feel pretty confident understanding this and going into the future with the people currently involved in my life :-D

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  1. Ella says:

    You’re awesome.

    • BVB says:

      YOU’RE AWESOME!! haha. Thank you, Ella. It always feels good to know that other people are connecting with what I’m thinking as well :)

  2. Evan says:

    You ARE awesome! Loved the article, webpage, thoughtful response, etc. :-)

  3. FartingFoulFarts this noise says:

    Ha haa!

    Yes, blatanty. Your ideas and interpretations of things in this article are rather similar to my own.

    Kind regards,


    • Lr says:

      If you don’t believe in the system witch i was told i dont and that is true but I still vote because the corrupt system has to change and voting is a start.

      • BVB says:

        And Lr, my personal belief is that me participating in this system by voting is ineffective and actually suggesting that I am complicit with what goes on due to it. However, if you feel guided to vote after much internal reflection, then I think you should follow your heart :)

    • BVB says:

      Nice to find people with similar opinions, FartingFoulFarts hahaha.

  4. Pele Butcher says:

    I’m glad I found this. Its been very hard to live a “normal” life because I have seen through the illusion of freedom that has been forced upon me since birth. A lot of people I talk to about it call me crazy or delusional because they have been in the system of control for so long. I am having trouble finding a fulfilling job or even career because of the manipulation and bullshit you have to put up with to serve the corporate culture.

    • BVB says:

      Hey Pele, I’m sorry that you are experiencing such hardships. Many people are going through similar awakenings as yourself, and I suggest you keep looking for like-minded people. I don’t keep up much with this blog anymore, but are you engaged in groups on social media or in other ways to that keep you happy? I know that I have had to look hard to find a niche that feels right, and I hope you can find it too :) Let me know if you need any help!