You Are Already Doing What You Want (Probably) – 8 1/2 years later

I was reading a book I recently purchased and it made me think of one of my blog posts I had written in the past. I haven’t used this blog in 4 years now. The last post I did was actually just for a project and I needed a way to share it with people in the class so I made a post for it. Really the last post I made was in 2012.

I came back and started reading the post I was reminded of and it was really refreshing and also hilarious that I had some very keen insights and beginnings of ideas that I really had no clue at the time how great they were. So I figured it would be funny to do a few blog posts that are reviews of my own blog posts. I hope you enjoy :)

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This motherfuckin’ gem. The one that started it all and the one that brought me back. Before I even get into the any of the subject matter, just check out those Umphrey’s gems there for you to play. Hilarious.

What got me in the book I was reading was that it was discussing the topic of freedom and said something to the effect of what I wrote in that blog post. It made me realize that I have held this belief that is a key ingredient to true freedom in this life for quite some time, but never really understood what a gem it was.

The true freedom that I speak of here is a freedom of the mind. I’m not talking about anything political or in regards to human rights. That’s a matter for a whole different blog post. Many people are a slave to their thoughts and beliefs. It doesn’t have to be complicated either – it’s as simple as the feeling of anxiety. It all boils down to being happy. And a happy and free, open person has the ability to expand, grow and evolve in this experience which is ultimately the meaning of why we are in it to begin with.

Understanding that in almost all circumstances we are doing what we want to be doing is incredibly liberating because it helps us feel in control. It helps us be happy if we understand that we are the authors of this experience rather than being the victim of it. The shift in perspective can help us make better decisions. If you think you “don’t want to do that” and recognize your choice in the matter it helps you consciously make the decision that most benefits you.

Ultimately though I have have had a few expansions of perspective since I wrote that and would not agree with some of it. I would say that beyond the perspective of a “self” there are some agreements happening on higher levels which determine things like the lives we are born into and even specific life-altering experiences. Imagine it like there are “higher versions” of yourself that are planning the milestones that can lead to our greatest moments of personal growth and evolution in this experience. I emphasize that because the experience is why we are here in the first place. Perhaps those experiences it seems no one would want are being coordinated on a much higher level for the benefit of the whole, but it is our limited selves that experience suffering through misunderstanding the context of things.

In some new-age or spiritual ideologies there is the idea that we grow through suffering. And many of us have had our greatest of moments of growth come through great suffering. However, I think that our suffering is actually because we are choosing to do “not learn the lesson” and the longer we choose to do that the greater the suffering gets. Sometimes it gets so great we, or something in our lives, breaks. And so we finally make the choice that benefits us. But the suffering was actually not what caused the learning; it was just a side effect of us not making the choice in our best interest sooner.

In this context of things we aren’t really a victim at any point. As an extension of “the all” we are just playing a role to have a certain experience. And in this scenario our service is to expand and grow the collective understanding by living out the experience to the fullest. There’s quite a bit more I’d have to explain about my perspective for many people to understand that but it’s too much for right now and the baggledoon is wearing off (not really hahaha) so I’m going to wrap this up.

To be happy is at the very core our goal within this existence. I can’t really think of a more general universally applicable description of being “not happy” than “not doing what I want to be doing”. So, if we can try to keep in mind that we are always already doing what we want to be doing it frees our mind and ultimately leads to what we truly desire. This motherfuckin gem right here!

And now, your moment of zen.

Your moment of zen

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