Help Me Help You (Help Me) Get Free Silver

Funny title, eh?  :-D

I never wanted this site to have any kind of advertising, but then it took me about a year to make and at that point I was involved with something known as the Silver Snowball program though which I have been earning some

free silver

. Now, the price of silver is over 200% what it was when I started, so it’s been a very good investment.

Silver Snowball is a silver subscription program to receive one Golden State Mint 1/2 Oz .999 Morgan Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Round every month. It is also an affiliate program, whereby for every two coins that are purchased through your referral you get one

free silver coin

. So if you are referring people who are buying 10 coins, you get 5 free silver rounds every month!

Get your free silver now!

You might be thinking that it sounds like a pyramid scheme, because it is. But to me the opportunity to invest my Federal Reserve Notes in some tangible goods, especially precious metals, is something I should be doing as often as possible. The ability to also earn some for free while helping others make sound investments is a sweet bonus.

We are creating trillions of dollars these days in a desperate attempt to fix an obviously flawed system. And that’s only if this isn’t all an orchestrated event. We are diluting the value of the dollar, but the repercussions haven’t caught up yet. The US Dollar may no longer be the world’s reserve currency soon. I suggest you start making some sound investments too!

So, I figured that I could refer all of you to this program if you want to help me and the development of this site out. In the process you also have the opportunity to invest in a precious metal and get free silver.

Here are some very good links explaining the benefits of investing in precious metals:

  • Wikipedia – Silver as an investment – it even has a picture of the American Eagle Silver Dollar
  • Article on investing in silver.
  • Video – George Green Whistle Blower Former CIA and International Banker has a short video explaining why investment in these metals is important NOW. He also has some other good videos on the Project Camelot website that I’ve seen.
  • A very serious, impending currency and debt crisis in America – A controversial subtitled voice over explaining our country’s troubled financial system. It might make you realize that getting rid of your paper money for other sound investments is the smartest thing you could be doing right now. I also found out that if you keep refreshing the page you can switch between the video and the transcript of it.
  • The Silver Snowball Website – This is my referral link. If you are interested in supporting the site and investing in silver, visit this page FILLED with information about silver and make an order from there. If you would like to request more information from me go here and fill out the form and submit, or just contact me through this site.