Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve read the about section and the post It’s time for a change, then there’s not much more to say. Read those!

This site is partially a reference for me and people I discuss these things with, as well as just a general resource for people on the internet.

The links are all sites that have captivated me in some way and I just want to share with people. I also thought that writing down and sharing my thoughts might stave off complete insanity, or at least keep a record of it. ;)

The ultimate reason I did the site, though, is because this kind of information NEEDS TO BE MADE AVAILABLE. There are so many things already out there that can revolutionize our entire civilization. Free energy technologies, knowledge about ourselves, our spiritual potential, our societies and AWARENESS of them all will initiate a leap in our capabilities and quality of lives!

I once read something in which the author suggested that people keep an approach to the world like an infant. A Baby can be bawling his/her eyes out one second and laughing and giggling the next. The point is they have a completely innocent take on the world and let their emotions run right through them allowing them to live right in the moment. Keeping an open mind is part of that mentality, so I wanted to run with that theme and make something very innocent and almost childish.

I went with the space theme because I wanted something as unknown and mysterious as the stars and outer space. Staring at the stars has always helped clear my mind of distractions. All of these things promote the kind of experience I want people to have in life, and when browsing this site.

I’m not particularly attached to the design, and I’m sure it will someday change, but this website is in the stages of its infancy.

Submitting links for review, or even better suggestions on how to improve users’ experience with the site. Just submit with the contact form at the bottom of the page.

In addition to that, leaving comments on articles to provoke further thought and discussion are great. Getting a dialogue going between people is always a great way to learn more and encourage participation.

Share this stuff with your friends, or the site with your friends, like it on Facebook. Get the word out!

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