Alex Jones’ Infowars

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Infowars is one of the most popular sources for alternative news on the internet. If you haven’t heard of the site or Alex Jones, then you probably haven’t been looking for information like this on the internet for very long.

The site is updated multiple times every day with articles by journalists attempting to expose lies and cover ups perpetrated on us by the government, mainstream media, and other controlling organizations. If you didn’t believe what you heard on channel 13 tonight then this site is probably filled with stories interviewing different sources and taking different angles, allowing you to put more of it together for yourself.

Some people might find Alex Jones a little obnoxious in his methods, but the site has too much good information to let your opinion of him to affect the site. Either way, I just have to respect him for how much he is exposing the corruption of our government and making this information available to people on a massive scale.

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