California Sky Watch

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The contrails of a jet are the clouds of visible trails of water vapor made by the exhaust. ‘Chemtrails’ is a term that is used by people to describe these same trails that are filled with potentially harmful chemicals. HEY?! We are basically all being poisoned on a massive scale and being lied to about it PEOPLE!!

California Skywatch provides a wealth of information on the research they have done into this practice. They consider how this is causing climate change, affecting our health, and being used as part of a weather control project being performed by our government. They have tons of information and reliable references and citations from many organizations including NASA.

This site is still regularly updated with news and events, and is also tied in with the Agricultural Defense Coalition website. The agricultural defense coalition covers any types of experimentation with weather modification, toxic materials, geoengineering, etc.

It is another great site to check out and exposes a lot of threats your personal health as well as that of your environment. California Skywatch gets the feature here because seeing what they are talking about is as easy as looking at the sky most days.

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