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For complete strangers and beginning learners to Sacred Geometry, Charles Gilchrist’s approach is one of the best to learn from. His introductory videos are short, simple, and he’s even somewhat entertaining so if you don’t feel like reading it’s still a great way to learn.

This site holds some useful information, but also serves as a method through which he can sell some of his artwork and workshops. The main reason I’m including it here is because it serves as an excellent introduction, and Sacred Geometry in my opinion should replace the role that most of the world’s religions play in people’s lives.

Now, that’s a pretty rash statement, but considering that most of them also agree to its principles and ascribe sacred meanings to the same things, I think people should consider it. A blending of science and spirit ;-)

I won’t go into it too much more here, so you can just read my post on Sacred Geometry (Coming Soon!) for more of my opinion.

As for the site, check it out because if it sparks your interest like it did mine, then you will love all of the videos and treasure the knowledge. And, maybe you’ll also be so inclined to purchase something – I really like this poster :-)

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2 Responses

  1. georgajmoritz says:

    I am very impressed with the work of Charles Gilchrist;I am experimenting with sacred geometry now, and need a very good illustrated textbook with formulas for drawing spirals, etc. I find it hard to learn from videos,
    Have you anything I could learn from and use?

    • BVB says:

      Funny you ask, because I’ve always had the same question haha. As soon as I started learning about sacred geometry I was looking for something of a tell-all book but the best I’ve been able to do over the years is just gain understanding through different sources. I found and read the book ‘Math for Mystics’ which was awesome but wasn’t what I was looking for in the sacred geometry avenue. The most interesting thing I’ve seen which reminds me of what you’re asking is this: but I haven’t ever read or looked further into that. If you go for it, let me know how it works out for you!