Diamond Organics

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This site is temporarily DOWN! But you can still email them if interested.

This is an excellent resource for people that don’t have access to organic foods. Don’t worry, they have a mail order catalog too so even if you don’t have the internet (even though you won’t be reading this) you can still get organic food sent to you :)

They have prepared foods, fresh product, non-perishable foods, wine, micro-brews, and oh so much more. Most of their stuff comes from the US, California mainly, but what does come from other countries matches California’s organic standards. It’s expensive, but organic product is, especially when shipping long distances.

It’s worth checking out the selection on the site to see what’s available organic since I know I don’t get the full spectrum from my local markets. In addition looking at the prepared meals can inspire some good ideas for recipes of your own.

While I’d always suggest buying organic from your local farmer’s market or something equivalent around you, this is a great resource for when you can’t.

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