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This lucid dreaming site has the largest community of dreamers on the internet ;)

Seriously, though, the best part about this site is the fact that it is largely community driven. It provides quite a bit of information about Lucid Dreaming, but the best content comes from the user contributions.

Members contribute videos on the DreamTube; there is a Wiki, which you very well may need because they have a lot of acronyms here for some reason; and there are discussions about lucid dreaming on the forums. The forums are used quite frequently, and cover lucid dreaming, regular dreaming, resources, and off-topic information members enjoy discussing.

After learning about and getting into lucid dreaming, this site was able to keep offering me new information, which was much appreciated. After getting into lucid dreaming it’s so fascinating you’ll probably want to share and discuss with others. The people here like to share, but there is also plenty of silliness, which makes it great!

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