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Lets BLAST OFF into space for a second here!

Enterprise Mission is a non-for-profit research project supported by open community involvement and donations. With information ranging from NASA secrets, the moon, mars, and advanced physics, this site is loaded with actual data and references to evidence. The bulk of the research on the site comes from Richard Hoagland’s studies.

If you have ever heard a conspiracy about a space program, you can be sure to find some of the facts researched in this site. It’s not the easiest to navigate though. The main navigation is ambiguous and I can’t seem to find a search, so you’re going to want to use Google to search for your information (ex. site:enterprisemission.com moon conspiracy).

The main page of the site is just a vertical scrolling list of ‘articles’, so if you’re just bored or interested in browsing, start scrolling down the site until you see a picture that catches your attention. The site says the archives are for 1996 to 2007, but I have found content as new as 2010, so it’s worth checking in from time to time.

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