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This site is free energy news provided by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and supported by Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network. The PES Network promotes the advancement of the latest clean and free energy technologies for a sustainable future.

It’s organized into topics, and sections, like any wiki that you’ve ever seen, with those areas are mostly filled with links to similar sites. There are also a lot of blog-style articles with great updates on cutting-edge technologies. The site is updated very often, and there are a ton of contributors so there is really something here that could interest anyone into energy technologies.

Free energy has always interested me, but I have no means to experiment with it, so I enjoy this site and being able to keep up to date on opportunities. I’ve seen things that blow my mind… if only I had the $$$ to invest/experiment! The concept of free energy is so great in my opinion that it should be one of the ultimate pursuits of every individual. And with that, I will leave you with a quote fro the site’s directory page.

Free energy will promulgate a forward leap in human progress akin to the discovery of fire. It will bring the dawn of an entirely new civilization — one based on freedom and abundance. — Sterling D. Allan

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