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This site is a very simple text introduction to some of the most important information you should know about your status as a US Citizen.

By being a citizen of the UNITED STATES you are in fact entering a contract that dictates what you must do in order to receive the perceived benefits of said organization. Most of your operation in commerce (and therefore, debt) is governed according this. These are entirely separate from the laws and rights laid out in the constitution.

This site does a good job of explaining to you in incremental bits what this means and how you can use it to your advantage. It’s quite overwhelming, but you can basically become debt free and operate outside the jurisdiction of most legal situations you may encounter.

It sounds great, but the you don’t even realize the amount of responsibility on you until you choose to do it. If you go this route you open yourself to being pestered relentlessly by organizations trying to exert their power over you, with little help. I researched and seriously considered this for years on and off, but chose not to. I think I can do better things with my time anchoring in the good things than trying to avoid the bad ones. Remember, we’re all truly free spirits ;-)

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