Master Mineral Solution

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The Master Mineral Solution (MMS) has really been a breakthrough towards providing remedy for illnesses. Jim Humble went through many trial and error processes until he figured out the science behind what he originally called the ‘Miracle Mineral Supplement.’ The site is a blog of his continued experiments and findings with MMS.

It really isn’t as interesting without getting to know about MMS first, so there is a link to the old site with the book available in two parts (only the first part is free I think). It contains the story of the discovery of MMS, as well as the science behind why it is so effective. Once you read up on it, the site’s content becomes a lot more relevant, and offers specific suggestions on how to use it to treat certain ailments. It’s been known to help with cases of Cancer, Malaria, Flu, skin treatment, and even AIDS

I’ve read the book and used MMS before for extended periods of time as a method of keeping detoxed. You have to be very precise in its application – I’ve definitely bitten off more than I could chew and ended up not feeling well. But unlike many opponents say, it’s not lethal and I’ve never been hurting for more than a half day. At that point you’re just draining all the nutrition from yourself as well as any bacteria, practically making it useless.

Taken appropriately, though, it really is a miracle. It’s helped me get / stay well for a long time, and when I brush my teeth with it they’ve never felt so sparkly clean :-D

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