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I included this because Kevin Trudeau’s books are definitely worth buying (read: getting for free). I was intrigued by an infomercial one day where I could get both books for free and just pay shipping. I had seen them before and heard people’s opinions on Kevin Trudeau, so I decided to give him a chance since they were free, and it was an excellent purchase! They are an excellent review of the basic reasons why we are at such dis-ease with our surroundings and with suggestions on how to accommodate for that.

Reading them helped me gain a greater understanding of the importance of natural cures, organic foods, and other methods of well being. They also aim to expose how our health care system works, as well as the true nature of public consumer protection agencies like the FDA and FTC.

The website is a paid subscription website, which is a bummer, but you may be able to get a month free. It is a huge repository of information about organic foods, alternative medicine and health care practitioners, weight loss and more.

I just researched and saved everything I could for that free month, then cancelled because the site and books aren’t focused on cures for specific diseases as much as I had expected. It is more focused on general helpful information, and trying to explain how our current social situation ties into this. Although it does give cures for specific diseases, overall it is more of a ‘Why you are sick and things everyone can do to prevent it’ resource.

Even though I was disappointed I wasn’t getting exactly what I expected, everything I did take away from it was great information and I only had to pay for shipping on the books. Fair warning to you, though, for quite a bit of time after I ordered these books I would get occasional telemarketers who already have my credit card information trying to sell me things. I suspect it was from these guys, so watch out.

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