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ORGONITE!!!! It’s the most fun and beneficial craft that I (and friends!) partake in ;)

It was created based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s research with etheric energy, or orgone as he called it; it has also been referred to as life energy, prana or chi by others. This site is a fine introductory site to what orgonite is, a brief history of it, and how to make it.

According to the science, the layered combination of the resin and the metal shavings causes an attraction and accumulation of the unseen ‘orgone’ energy around us. Then, the crystal which is being squeezed due to the hardening and shrinking of the resin around it, creates the piezoelectric effect that transmutes the energy into a balanced form based on its constituents metaphysical properties. This ‘technology’ is supposed to help offset the effects of electromagnetic pollution from things like cellphone towers and power lines.

My favorite part about the site and orgonite in general is the absolutely free and simple nature of everything. The site presents the information as well as instructions on how to make it for free, but what tops it off is the gifting movement. People make this stuff and either give it away or strategically place it in areas that could use it, just for the satisfaction of knowing they are helping.

Usually you can get the metal shavings for free from a local machine shop, and crystals and certain resins are available at a very low cost. You could also go all out and buy special resins, crystals, and metals to enhance the effects and make it look nice. For enthusiasts, there are also special pieces, alterations, and wraps you can make to enhance it. Simple and cheap enough for the layman, yet expansive enough to create enthusiasts.

I’ve been making it for a couple of years now, and it’s become one of my favorite seasonal hobbies. Thank you everyone that has made it with me :)

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