Mathematically Perfect Economy

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PEOPLE for Mathematically Perfect Economy is based on the research and publications of Mike Montagne. In 1979 he founded PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™, and wrote/engineered the mathematically perfected economy™. The bulk of the content is just a presentation of his research, but like many of these kinds of sites it survives by contributions in the blog and forums.

So, the site doesn’t really have the best organization of content. From all the time I’ve spent looking through it, I’ve realized that it’s not really a cover to cover ‘How to’ on creating the mathematically perfect economy. It’s more of a presentation of findings with suggestions that could improve the situation.

If you are looking for fresh, interesting ideas on how we can improve things, this site and the author have plenty to propose. It’s definitely worth a read through, but unfortunately besides the forum it doesn’t seem like the site has been updated since 2009.

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