Better World Technologies (PICC)

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Well, this wasn’t the site that I originally intended to include in this section. A while back I stumbled upon a piece of technology called the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter boasting to push vehicles to be able to travel over 100 miles to the gallon. I meant to include that site in here, but this seems to be the number one source of information on that technology at this point.

The site Better World Technologies site itself doesn’t seem to really carry as much useful information as the other site did. It is more of a product promotion and affiliate site, so I wouldn’t waste too much time browsing it.

As far as the PICC goes, the idea with the PICC is to break down the gas BEFORE it goes into your engine in order to increase the efficiency of the gas you’re burning. They absolutely guarantee a 50% increase in fuel economy. It sounds like a legit piece of technology, but since all information I’ve found on it is outdated, I’m not sure as to its current status.

Do look at the links in the highlights section, though. Innovative technologies was where I originally found the PICC. It has a few statements and pieces of information on free energy. The videos linked to below are also interesting to watch. The newer technologies link is a page where you can view information and purchase technologies that are currently available.

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