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The technologies offered by Pyradyne incorporate some of the most amazing new age sciences that I have ever learned. The real story behind this site, however, is the author and his books that have inspired me, especially Rays of Truth Crystals of Light.

Dr. Fred Bell started working on nuclear energy projects at the University of Michigan at the age of 14, when he also was introduced to the US government’s MK Ultra projects. Through this he worked on many projects involving things most people would only consider science fiction.

His book Rays of Truth Crystals of Light contains loads of information on the human anatomy and how the energy of our bodies relates to our consciousness. He reveals a lot of rare information that he learned while working for NASA and on secret projects.

The book is not tailored to extremely novice readers, but it’s filled with truly fascinating information and is one of my mostly highly suggested readings. It has changed my beliefs of what is possible for the future :-D

The site has a range of products from health foods, to music and books, to radical new technologies that are supposed to expand our consciousness as well as promote good health. I suggest buying the book and browsing the content of the site. Once you have read it you’ll probably be visiting again to check out what’s available.

I’ve bought a Nuclear Receptor, the Pyradyne Vitamins, Trace Minerals, Vitamid, Powerdome Gold and Powerdome Silver. Since I have been buying and using these, I have noticed a considerable increase in awareness of my health as well as an improvement.

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