The Lucidity Institute

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Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. Being conscious of this unlocks the potential to take full control over your dreams. I love this site because although The Lucidity Institute has their seminars and things they try to make money off of, they have so much available for free I feel like I learned everything :-).

There are a ton of frequently asked questions, and after going through them all you’ll know everything about what lucid dreaming IS to start. In addition to that, they have excerpts from books, articles and other pieces of research, and experiments. It is probably where I have done the most reading on lucid dreaming anywhere.

I can not stress how valuable it is that this site provided me with the information I needed to be able to start lucid dreaming on my own. It is one of the most consciousness-expanding, extraordinary experiences that anyone can have. Everyone can try it themselves and gain the benefits, and I suggest that you all do!

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