Traffic Ticket Winner

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If you know the law well enough (and you are patient enough to go through all of the processes in court) then you can avoid being tried by many of the codes and statues made in the past hundred or so years. By far the most common are those pesky traffic tickets. Speeding tickets, parking tickets and almost ALL traffic violations are not applicable if you know the rules ;-)

This YouTube channel (thanks Tim!) has a few videos that go through the process of getting your traffic ticket and taking it into the court system. He explains different parts of what is involved and specific terminology. His channel “is about understanding where your rights really are, and how to assert those rights, aggressively yet peacefully, to maintain them and let our public servants know who is in charge, how and why.”

His information is not a “how-to” on getting out of your traffic tickets, but upon watching his videos it will hopefully inspire you to look further into these legal matters and start taking responsibility for yourself. Watch all of his videos; they are not very long and expose important hidden tidbits of information you should look into. Plus he is a friend of mine that has inspired me to look into many of the topics on this site :)

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