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This site may have been what spawned me to scour the internet for information and truth. After being raised in a public school system which was clearly designed to hinder my free thought and creative ideas, I look to all alternative sources of information for new and different ideas. This was the first one I found that I couldn’t stop reading.

This site lays down a pathway for you to follow that strongly supports the idea that many of us live under the jurisdiction of a corporate America and not the republic that our founding fathers created. This means that the laws by which we are tried and the organizations by which we are ruled are operating under totally different laws than the ones made in the constitution and other founding documents.

This is happening because we are volunteering to do so (without knowing it). We have agreed to be tried by these codes because we are accepting the benefits from its system. The currency we use, getting social security benefits, unemployment and things of the like all come with the requirement that we subject ourselves to an entire extra system of statutes and codes.

The site just scrolls straight down with a comparison of the original United States of America government compared to the corporate structure. It presents the information side by side comparing things like the money, governing bodies, and positions within. It makes it easy to keep track of and even has tons of links for you to follow with more references to documents and facts.

I definitely suggest reading everything on this site, and if you want to know more follow the links in each section. While it may be one of the most frustrating acts of deceit you’ll ever find out about, knowing the truth about these things may completely change your conduct and decisions in the future. For me, it was ultimately a stepping stone towards a greater understanding and acceptance of what’s going on around me ;-)

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