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This forum was created for people to share their personal experiences, impressions, suggestions, and dealings with orgonite. It is a growing community of gifters – people who spread orgonite to improve their communites, and want to share and explore the possibilities. Since this isn’t something that’s gaining mainstream scientific attention, the best resource available is here in these forums. Read about them, and start to get a feel for what orgonite is and can do.

I learned about orgonite from a friend who had been gifted, so for me, word-of-mouth is all I’ve known about orgonite. Keeping in line with that, this forum has been my number one resource for answers to my questions. If the content isn’t there, you can at least post for yourself and see if someone has any advice. I’ve used it to find materials, for instructions on how to make pieces, and to just read the personal stories.

My favorite things to read were experiments constructing special pieces with things mobius coils, radionics, and different metals. The people in here show that while it is easy to make orgonite and see its effects, there are still leaps and bounds to be made in the science, and it can get as intricate as you choose to make it.

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