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The content on Wikileaks is the topic of the most sensational story I’ve heard about any website since I started using the internet. It’s home to thousands of submissions from whistle blowers whose conscience told them to expose the corruption in their governments and organizations. These anonymous donors are true heroes, as are the people under scrutiny for supporting such a website.

This site provides one of the most necessary services to society today by revealing controversial information while protecting the sources. As a result, though, it has been under much criticism. It’s been blocked by the governments of several countries and been under attack many times, but has been mirrored many times to keep it alive – and the support for it still very strong.

You can search the site for leaked information by year, country, region, or language. I enjoy searching by country and seeing what’s going on in the US. Although the evidence of corruption can become disappointing, the site is excellent if you are conducting your own research or just interested in the truth.

There are so many contributions from the past several years that the archives are teeming with tidbits of information that can be used to piece together the puzzle that is today. In addition to the repository, they continue with new releases, and if you are really into these types of stories you can follow them on their twitter.

Although I don’t visit this site that often anymore, it still always provides some interesting documents and is worth a check from time to time just for the heck of it.

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