I’ve decided to categorize these gems based on the big picture of how many of the things I’ve been exposed to have influenced my life. I consider health to deal with things that have affected my physical well being.

Homeopathic healing


eating organic food

, and other

natural and alternative healing

methods increase overall well being rather than just treating symptoms. Being more conscious of your health can help you realize more of your potential!

The links below have taught me a lot about how to assess my personal health as well as increase awareness of things affecting it. Finally, some provide us with a means to achieve it. Read up to find out how to achieve more

natural health


alternative healing methods

The Master Mineral Solution (formerly known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement) has proven to be one of the most effective methods of eliminating dis-ease through repeated experiments. The site features documentation and suggestions based on the research that the founder, Jim Humble, has gathered through his years with it. I've gone through detox using it and it's still my favorite thing to brush my teeth with :-D
Natural Cures has excellent, but introductory information. I'd definitely suggest getting the books for free (I only had to pay shipping) and a month free on the website if the deal still is available. It's worth those initial costs to get all the information you can. Don't really look for involved science here, more of a 'Why you are really sick and how you can get rid of your illnesses' kind of approach.
ORMUS is one of many names used to refer to regular minerals whose energy is enhanced due to their atomic state. It can be ingested, used on plants, and even exhibit the properties of a superconductor at room temperature - something once thought to be impossible. I've experimented with it and had some interesting experiences to go along with many of the other personal accounts out there.
Purchase organic food over the internet. They have an extensive selection from fresh product to non-perishable goods and even wine and micro-brews. Who doesn't love an organic microbrew ;). It's as expensive as you may think, but they guarantee the freshness of your food too! Right now it seems down and looks like they are 'temporarily not taking orders.' I'll leave it here for now in hopes it returns!
A tool to find local, organic, sustainable food markets in your area. Just provide some info on your location, and have fun looking through the results. Find out what's in your back yard that you've been missing out on. I found 26 farmer's markets within 20 miles of me! Woohoo!
The people in charge of this do detailed research into the modification of our weather patterns, with a focus on the things being released into our atmosphere. Backed by tons of reliable citations and references, this one is a sobering reality check. Spend some days watching clouds being made by planes in the sky - and if the results intrigue you, definitely come back here to read about it.