Libraries, eh? What kind of a category is Libraries???

Libraries is what I came up with when my mind started melting from trying to isolate these sites to a single category ;)

A lot of my favorite sites contain information from a range of subjects, and end up here. These are the kinds of sites where you start reading a little and next thing you know hours have gone by and you have to bookmark it to come back to it. Well, consider this your bookmark.

This is probably one of the coolest things I've ever known existed. Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required. There are over 30 departments with classes listed and over 2000 courses to choose from. Parts of an incredibly expensive education, for free. If you learn things best by teaching yourself at your own pace, it really doesn't get much better than this folks.

If you haven't heard of Wikileaks yet, then you might have been in some sort of hibernation. This website has gained worldwide attention because they accept submissions from anonymous sources that want to expose unethical behavior in their governments and organizations. The material contributed to this site present information strongly supporting conspiracies about corruption in government. The site has gone down due to attacks a few times but is still up and running with occasional big news submissions and frequent updates.
One of my favorites, and one of the first sites I've ever gotten truly lost in. It attempts to create a synthesis of knowledge from physical, metaphysical and spiritual topics. It's very loosely organized and browsing it is like leaping around on a web of knowledge! So take this adventure book for a spin and arrive at your own unique conclusions ;-)
A great time killer, along with similar site The content is user submitted links, which are then voted on by other users, and you are presented with the most promoted content. I find occasional unknown political and social stories that deserve attention in here, but you can browse by your favorite category. They also have business, entertainment, gaming, sports, science and technology, so chances are there's something that will interest you.
My favorite site to provide very obscure information. It has tons of video interviews with fascinating people whose stories don't usually reach the public eye; first hand sources of what is in many cases top secret information. There was a span of time during which I was watching things from this site ten times more than I was watching anything on television. Most of the material I've researched was inspired by interviews I watched from Project Camelot. Please check it out.
A repository of information on topics like social unrest, free energy technologies, extra terrestrials, and more of the like. The navigation at the top of the site pretty much lays it all out for you right from the start. Filled with ideas not presented in the mainstream, they share their views and information with proper references in hopes that you will Educate Yourself :)
A very popular forum with information not readily available to the public through mainstream means. It's probably the most active forum I've ever visited for the content if offers... and in general. If you are serious when it comes to research and discussion on the net, then you will really enjoy this one. Either way, having the ability to discuss the information with those presenting it is grrrrrrrreeeaatt :-D