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♪ ♫ This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius :-P ♫ ♪.

So, by now chances are I have either completely alienated you with the sillyness, or maybe piqued a little interest? The links that I consider spiritual deal not only with our mental well being and the nature of our minds, but also with sciences that are still developing and gaining attention. Science and spirit are closer than you think ;)

Acuity of mind should move along in parallel with physical well being. I feel like much of the information I have come across here has provided me with a kind of

metaphysical healing

I found out about this site by reading Mary Croft's book. Most of these topics in it are related to the concepts in Freeman of the Land, and it helped me put together some pieces of the puzzle. Her blog on economics is based on her experience and research as well as spiritual views. Her posts are pretty even between legal/economical and spiritual/religious subjects. There are some very important facts here that should be brought to the attention of every US citizen, and she has some remarkable stories about how she has dealt with these issues.
Sacred geometry assigns sacred meanings and symbols to geometric shapes and proportions. Charles Gilchrist's site is all about his personal work with Sacred Geometry. It provides a nice introduction for people looking to learn and he also offers mandalas for sale. I thought his introductory videos to Sacred Geometry were one of the best ways to get into it. Definitely easier to learn geometry through visuals and shapes than reading ;)
Falun Dafa is a high-level cultivation practice guided by the characteristics of the universe—Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance. Its teachings are the most honest and righteous that I've ever read, and the personal stories of many of the practitioners are amazing. I can't really give it enough credit; it has changed the way I live.
Pyradyne is a business focusing on new age technologies created by Dr. Fred Bell. The website provides quite a bit of information on his technologies, but acts mainly as a store front for his inventions. The science behind the technologies, which also happen to be a bulk of the content in his books, are what make this extraordinary! I mean, this is why I wear pyramids on my head ;)
ORMUS is one of many names used to refer to regular minerals whose energy is enhanced due to their atomic state. It can be ingested, used on plants, and even exhibit the properties of a superconductor at room temperature - something once thought to be impossible. I've experimented with it and had some interesting experiences to go along with many of the other personal accounts out there.
Orgonite is a quick favorite of people that get introduced to it :-D Fiberglass resin, metal shavings, and crystals combine to create it. These little crafts, that most people would compare to a paper weight, are actually working to manipulate the energies around you into a form that is more beneficial to organic life. Mitigating effects of certain radiation, as well as creating unexplainable phenomenon in some people's lives - people have remarkable accounts of orgonite! I've made a bunch with friends and given it away to people that now swear by it :-)
Experiences with lucid dreaming blew the doors open for me on altered states of consciousness. This site presents a lot of free information on lucid dreaming and how to get into it yourself. The FAQs are an excellent source of information for beginners, and there are excerpts from their book that can get you ready to do it yourself. The institute also puts on its own seminars for lucid dreaming and you can get information on those here.
Another one on lucid dreaming - you can probably tell that I really like the subject ;) It is, in my opinion, one of the most excellent experiences that everyone is capable of. This main content here is a forum and user contributions about their experiences. It's got some regular pages with information and explanations, but for that kind of introduction I'd suggest reading the Lucidity Institute site. Once you are familiar, the personal accounts and things offered on this site can keep your interest sparked.
Chances are if you are into any of this stuff you've heard of the three Zeitgeist movies. They attempt to paint a picture of the social, religious and cultural state we are in and prescribe ways to improve it. Each movie is split up into parts, and they are between two and three hours long. They're not necessarily 'enjoyable' movies but they present familiar information but in a way that creates powerful messages and will definitely make one reflect upon things.
SPACE!!! This site contains pieces from some of the most avid researchers of outer space over the past thirty years. They have dedicated their lives to presenting the truth about many of the controversial questions we've had about space since we started exploring it. The site is good, but what led me to it was very interesting video interviews with the people involved. Check some out when you've got the time.
This site is a forum of users dedicated to all things orgonite. Read about personal experiences, experiments, tips, and more. Since it is still a controversial science, some of the best information you can get is just from those experimenting and willing to share!